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From the beginning of idea evaluation to the end of fundraising, we help to create sustainable startups by relying on our resources.

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Successful experiences to develop startups and reduce their risks

We have had successful experiences in developing startups and reducing their risk, and we provide this experience to other startup teams.

The network of innovation ecosystem activists for facilitation and investment

We provide you with a network of innovation ecosystem activists to provide you with all facilitation and fundraising services.

Expert service delivery team focused on startup development

We provide business development, technical teams, product development, as well as branding and marketing in a targeted manner.

Our Services

We combine ideas and technology to create compelling startups. We have worked with startups to turn ideas into practical solutions. Together, we shape the future of businesses and align capital and energy to make an impact domestically and globally.

Business Development

At Risense Startup Studio, we study for business development, new opportunities, and ideas that enable growth. We are constantly looking for ways to expand the scope and to increase income of businesses by analyzing the market potentials, various methods of participation, and the possibility of developing new products. We try to keep startups agile, overcome common challenges, and take more significant steps in business development.

Product development

At Risense Startup Studio, we will review business ideas and determine the product’s value proposition. In the next step, with the clarification of the initial concept of the product, we provide all design and engineering services based on its features and complete its MVP version. We adopt a marketing strategy that fits the product, pricing, and creating development channels. We will continue to seek product feedback in the market to update our strategy based on that feedback.


At this stage, by drawing the brand’s future, conducting the necessary research, and analyzing the data obtained from the market research and the brand audience, we design the strategy and identity of the brand.


At Risense Startup Studio, we follow the fundraising process for business growth. We provide the financial resources needed to develop the product or service and the team at this stage. By successfully attracting capital in the investment stage, we provide the financial band a startup needs to achieve its goals.

From idea to implementation

Manufacturing process

We build startups based on a proven methodology.

Advantages of the startup studio model

Compared to the classical method of creating a startup, the goal of a startup studio approach is to achieve two key advantages:

  • Reducing and eliminating the risk of failure of a startup
  • Improving the quality of developing startups

Such benefits cause:

  • Investors enter the startup world with a new type of investment and diverse strategies that go beyond classic tactics.
  • Companies have become industrial partners of the studio, feeding a core of new startups. Startups that get favorable conditions are more easily integrated into a company’s technical and business processes.
  • Founders seek to create a new company in a controlled environment and learn how to become a successful entrepreneur on the job.

How does Risense startup studio work?

The approach to innovation is what sets Risense apart.

Why is a startup studio more efficient than a traditional startup?

The Startup Studio model is designed to overcome the usual limitations of creating a “traditional” startup to create “better startups” and increase their chances of success.

The following elements make our startup model a winning model:

Experience – A startup studio comprises professionals with years of entrepreneurial experience who can avoid the common mistakes of a novice founder and implement the most relevant and best practices. In the early stages of startup creation, the startup team acts as the founding team and guides the new startup in the right direction from the beginning.

Methodology – To pursue a parallel entrepreneurial strategy, Risense uses a lean startup methodology to develop multiple initiatives in the ascent stages effectively. In the case of a “traditional” and independent startup, the ability to choose and follow a precise work method is highly dependent on the competence and experience of the founders.

Lack of Bias – A “traditional founder” is usually “in love” with their idea and motivated to pursue it at all costs. Conversely, a startup studio will only take risks on ideas if there is proof that they can succeed. Suppose a business idea needs to gain traction. In that case, Risense’ best interest is to reinvent, change, or even abandon it altogether and reallocate its resources and the entire work team to alternative, more promising business ideas.

Decision-making processes – The strength of a startup studio is built by the professional team and the investors who support it. At Risense, we have adopted holacracy as our management approach to maximize the skills and experience of each team member, eliminate individual biases, and base every decision on objective data. This action allows us to avoid “custom performance” and many of the common mistakes of a traditional startup.

Resources – A startup studio can immediately provide financial and human capital to a new startup, validate its business model before its formal creation, and accelerate its development from the beginning. A traditional startup can hardly count on comparable resources and skill sets before successfully raising at least the first round of funding.

Not. Incubators and accelerators only select existing startups for their programs and then provide them with consulting services and workspaces. Instead, a startup studio builds new startups from the ground up and injects its financial and human capital.

The Startup Studio model is the ideal solution to help companies achieve their open innovation goals thanks to agile and precise processes and an effective combination of human and financial capital.

Typically, a company faces the following barriers to innovation:

  • Competing priorities because the current business, with its goals and objectives, inevitably leaves little room for innovation.
  • lack of internal processes and tools to manage and coordinate any innovation efforts;
  • Sourcing and retaining the right talent to develop and execute your innovation strategy;
  • The effort is required to integrate new solutions independently developed outside the company.

A crucial part of Startup Studio’s strategy is identifying profitable business niches to focus on when creating new projects. To identify new opportunities, our startup studio uses a proprietary AI software that collects and analyzes information from multiple sources, including structured databases (e.g., Crunchbase, Dealroom, Pitchbook…) and unstructured data (such as industry news, social media, blogs, forums, etc.).





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Business Development


Idea development


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